About Project
Luxury beyond budget worries

Homes at Earth Infinity inspire you to live a fuller life and spend quality time with your loved ones. Large spaces coupled with serene environs rejuvenate your senses. Homes that prepare its residents to face the day-to-day challenges, be it office, kitchen or school with a confident smile and unwind amid its refreshing ambience and recreational activities. A space of your own that makes each day count.

Mornings beyond tea and newspaper

At Earth Infinity, your day begins on an active note with amenities that promote good health. Be it a workout at the gym or a dip in the pool, you are in for some real good time before getting on with the daily routine. The serene environs add to the joys of savouring a cup of tea and catching up with the world, overlooking green landscapes and chirping birds.

Celebrate the occasion called life

Homes at Earth Infinity foster happiness and nurture smiles. The sprawling space gives ample opportunities for cozy get-togethers, as well as grand celebrations. Come and dwell among spaces that make every occasion a celebration.

Lead a lifestyle called joy

At Earth Infinity, homes aren’t just about walls, floors and ceiling, but a personalized space for every family member. We understand your need for privacy and have hence created homes that enable you to enjoy a lifestyle you have always wished for.

Enjoy the privilege called clubhouse

Clubhouses aren’t merely about games and activities, but a hub abuzz with like-minded people sharing good vibes. At Earth Infinity, we have created exclusive space for you to spend quality time with your friends, neighbours and family, and while you are at it, indulge in some healthy competition too.

Retail location beyond limitations

Your business address speaks volumes on your business. The sheer fact that Earth Infinity is easily accessible makes it one of the most sought-after business destinations of Vadodara. We offer amenities that complement with your business requirements and ensure that you focus on your business rather than worrying about petty issues.

Investment beyond profits

The stressful lifestyle of our times takes toll on one's health and often results into discordance in family. In such scenario, it becomes difficult to strike a balance between personal as well as professional life. At Earth Infinity, we have designed shops and offices that enable you to strike balance between business and home.

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